Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have wi-fi in the units?

For the last 2 years we have gone with the Town Of Vail [centrury tel] system. This has been anything but adequate for our guest, so we will be installing our own system this spring to serve the needs of our guest in their units

How old is your property?

The hotel was opened in March of 1973. The number of renovations made to date have been numerous. We have been talking about a complete tear down for some 4 years, but because we are unsure of a time table, the association has decided to go forward with renovation to our units this spring. You will see a very inviting unit come this fall.

Do I need a car in Vail?

You really do not need a car in Vail. The Town Of Vail offers one of the best bus systems in the country, which [oddly enough] includes Vail. The buses can take you to east and west Vail. If you need food, shopping etc. they can get you there. Our bus system can even transport you to the Beaver Creek ski resort. There are a number of taxi's can can also accomodate your needs.

Keep in mind that we lease our 33 parking spaces for 45 units from the developer, Let me assure you that the cost to lease these spaces is anything but inexpensive. This is why we have to charge for parking.

Where do my skies live?

You can keep them on your private balcony or store them with Vail Resorts at the base of the mountain.

Do you have a hot tub?

Yes, we have a hot tub that Packy Walker dug by hand in 1975. It is indoors, wish it wasn't, but it is. It seats 12 people.

Do you have laundry facilities?

Well, if you came to Vail to do your laundry - Welcome Home! We have a coin operated washer and dryer on the 3rd floor.

Is your Lodge really Next Door to Lionshead Gondola?

Yes - and Chair 8 as well.

Are these units privately owned, and do they come up for sale?

Yes, every unit is privately owned and they are sometimes up for sale.

Should I think about buying one of these studio units as an investment?

What I can tell you [Packy Walkers' experience] is that I bought a unit in 1973 for $21,000.00. I purchased another unit in 1995 for $ 220,000.00. We sold a unit in 2008? for $469,500.00.

The most recent sale was this Feb. for $350,000.00. This is about $900.00 per square foot.

If we sell the air rights, that we own, to a developer and the building is torn down we would hope that the current owners would get a new unit [some 10 to 15 percent larger] .

New construction Sq. Ft. values have been as high as $1,600 per square foot [Arrabelle. in front of our building] With our location, we should be somewhere in the range of $1200 to $1600 per square foot.

Does Packy Walker still do the bar tours and the wine tastings at his home?

Only in his and past guest memories. Packy is still willing to share the stories of early Vail [ he arrived in 1966] with any and all guest. Perhaps we will go to Bart and Yeti's [named after his dog Bart] for a night cap.